Our Vision

I have always been a country girl and have experienced the benefits of living a rural life. It is a slower paced lifestyle. There are many opportunities to get out in nature. There is an abundance of beauty to enjoy. All of these can bring down stress levels and aid in relaxation.

My big dream for Shiloh Wellness involves sharing this wonderful life with others. My goal is to own a farm with all kinds of animals, gardens, and activities that people can come to enjoy for a day. My biggest dream is to have a cozy Airbnb on the farm, so others who may not get the privilege of rural living can come visit the country and relax and unwind and experience life on a farm.

 A market store to sell our products along with other goodies from the farm and an event space for special occasions are also part of this vision. And flowers, lots of flowers!

Every product you purchase helps me get closer to these big goals of serving people in more ways! I am grateful for each order placed, and I want to say thank you for your support. It means the world!