Our Story

The Beginning

Shiloh Wellness started out in May of 2015 as Mellie's Natural Skincare after my mom gave me the idea to start a business making natural skincare.

The story begins a few years prior when my brother was a child struggling with ADHD. Mom spent hours researching ADHD and discovered that some foods especially artificial colourings and flavourings trigger the brains of those with ADHD even more than they already are. Consequently, my brother was no longer given these foods, and it helped his behaviour.

We realized that the skincare he was using could also be affecting him, due to the fact that the skin absorbs part of what gets applied to it. Mom began to make skincare products for my brother to use, and the rest of the family started using them as well.

At that time Mom was busy taking care of her eight kids and homeschooling most of them. So I, being the oldest, started making the products for her. I discovered that I loved making them! And when friends and family became intrigued by the fact that we were making our own products and asked us to make some for them, Mom came up with the idea that I should start a business making natural skincare. The demand was there, and it was something I enjoyed.

I was working a number of part time jobs but still had some spare time to start a business. Being the entrepreneur that I am, my interest was piqued. (I would come to learn later how entrepreneurial I really am - extremely!) Knowing next to nothing about skincare or starting a business, I jumped in feet first launching Mellie's Natural Skincare with around five products.

The Journey

Throughout the journey from then until now I have learned so much! There were many regulations I didn't know about, but do now.

I was writing labels by hand because I didn't know there was such a thing as Avery labels that one can purchase, design, and print at home.

I started out by working in Mom's kitchen with everything stored in my bedroom closet. That soon expanded to my bedroom being filled with boxes of product, ingredients, and packaging with a path just wide enough to get to my bed, dresser, and desk. After that my products moved to the mezzanine in my dad's shop. While I was thankful to move my business out of my room, it was a bit of trial to have my things in the shop. It meant trudging through snow in the winter to get just one item I needed and my things got dust-covered from welding and grinding.

When Dad grew out of his home office and another was built, I got to convert his old one into a lab/warehouse/apothecary. Oh, happy day! I bought the necessary equipment to be able make my products there instead of in Mom's kitchen. Just my bar soap needed to be made in the kitchen due to the fact that it had a sink and more space to work.

In July of 2021 Mellie's Natural Skincare was rebranded to Shiloh Wellness. It was time for a change. It needed a more professional name and one that encompassed the vision I have for my business.

The Present

I began my business making products based on DIY recipes that I found online. Now I am a certified formulator with Formula Botanica and formulate my own products.

No longer do I use Avery labels. I now purchase weather-proof labels in bulk quantities from a bulk supplier.

I am always learning more about skincare and business. I'm also always tweaking products and to be better and processes to be more efficient. Onwards and upwards. Always.

In May 2024 Nathan and I married and I moved two hours away from my home near Blyth, ON into his apartment near Mount Hope. Now I am back to production in a kitchen, but this time it is my own. But this time I have a special production corner!

The Future

I have a huge vision for the future of Shiloh Wellness. I invite you to read about it at "Our Vision" just below this page in the menu.