Our Values

We promise to do our best to uphold our values of:
  • Honesty
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fair Prices
  • Good Stewardship


Here at Shiloh Wellness we value honesty. This includes:

  • Honesty about ingredients. All ingredients are listed on the label. There is nothing in the product that is not listed on the label. It's commonsense practice (especially in the case of allergies) but also Health Canada's requirement.
  • Honesty in all business transactions and dealings with you the customer.

We value our customers and being honest is one way we can show you that!

Excellent Customer Service

We commit to providing you a wonderful experience as a customer whether that's through shipping your order promptly, answering any questions you may have, interacting with you on social media, or working through an issue with an order not arriving (it happens, unfortunately, thanks to Canada Post) or an issue with a product.

You can be assured that we want you to have a wonderful experience and relationship with us and our brand. We are here for you!

Fair Prices

Fair prices means fair for you and fair for me. A product is priced so that my business expenses are all covered, my time spent working is paid, there is extra to reinvest into my business to keep it growing and healthy, and that there is some profit for me to live off of. After that I won't add anything extra on as that is not fair to you.

Good Stewardship

I want to use the talents and resources God gives me in the way that I can. This includes a wide range of things like where I source my ingredients from, what kind of packaging I use, what suppliers I support, what I spend my time on, not being wasteful, etc.